Ultherapy uniquely addresses the changes in aging skin and everyone’s collagen concerns. We combine ultrasound imaging AND micro-focused ultrasound therapy to deliver tiny points of heat to stimulate collagen and elastin.


* The only FDA-Cleared non-invasive Lift

* Single Treatment/NO downtime

* Over 2 million treatments worldwide

* Supported by 90+ Peer-reviewed Papers and 50+ Clinical studies

* Nonsurgical skin tightening is ranked among the top 5 procedures

* 11+ years later and there is still nothing that compares- Real Self Reviews (1000+ reviews and still remains 80+% worth it rating)

* Ultherapy can be utilized in many different ways to create the perfect, customizable treatment plan for patients of all ages


It all comes down to 3 simple things:
What sets Ultherapy apart?

1. Visualization – It’s simple: “See it to treat it.” Not all faces are created equal. We have different shapes, sizes, anatomy, degrees and distribution of fat, laxity severity, elastin loss, etc. When you can see through the skin to address the STRUCTURAL CAUSE of aging rather than the symptom, and you can adjust and tailor as necessary for that particular patient. This treatment is 100% customizable to the patient needs and dually is a great platform to utilize in your aesthetic consultations to do “Collagen Scans” and build true aesthetic care plans for your patients.


2. Depth – As you may know, in a SURGICAL FACELIFT, plastic surgeons do not just manipulate, excise, & reposition the skin, but also the SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system). Reaching both layers of tissue showed better, longer lasting results post-surgery. Ultherapy, addresses 3 depths of tissue: 4.5mm, 3.0mm, and 1.5mm below the surface of the skin. To help offer some perspective, lasers usually concentrate on less than 1mm of surface tissue, and RF can reach up to about 2.5mm deep on the face. The ONLY noninvasive way to reach the SMAS layer is Ultherapy.


3. Temperature –Did you know that the IDEAL “sweet spot” for neo-collagenesis to occur is 60 – 70 degrees, Celsius? We force soundwaves to intersect and deposit exactly 65 degrees Celsius each and every time. The temperature is pre-set for you and cannot be adjusted as a safety precaution. Because RF pushes heat through the surface of the skin and bulk heats, it can only get up to ~42 degrees Celsius, which is considered sub-optimal. Lasers operate at significantly HIGHER levels of heat more in the ablative zone, over 100 degree Celsius. Making Ultherapy the optimal temperature to denature collagen and initiate neocollagensis

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